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8 Natural Ways to Treat Back Pain

Lower back pain is a problem which many people face at some point during their lives. It can be disabling, and reduce your quality of life by a significant amount. However, there are ways to treat back aches without resorting to chemicals, pills or medical treatment. Natural...

5 Random Things That Cause You to Gain Weight

You're probably aware of the most common causes of weight gain, but there are some rather random and downright stealthy things that could be contributing to that extra poundage. In fact, some of these potential causes of weight gain are super strange! 1. Diet Soda Well, perhaps...

Bad Versus Good Fats

What's the Difference Between Good Fats and Bad Fats? From childhood, we're taught to fear and loathe fat. But not all fat is created equal! In fact, there are some kinds of fats that are essential for good health. So let's look at the various types of fat, where they're found and...
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5 Ways to Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Work task to-do lists can seem like they never shorten, causing you to constantly try and catch up. You put in long hours, work yourself to the bone, and still somehow feel like you're never getting ahead. But what if you could work less hours and get more done? When it comes to working...

3 Benefits of Golden Milk for Golden Health

Golden Milk is a health bomb. Essentially, it is an India-inspired latte. This beverage is a stellar friend to have if you want to improve your digestion, give your immune system a boost, and enjoy a tasty drink. Golden milk is a warming, delicious combination of turmeric, plant...
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10 Alternative Methods to Treat Your Acne

Acne is often viewed as a problem that only teenagers have to deal with as their hormones spike and dip throughout puberty. However, the reality is that a variety of factors can trigger acne throughout all kinds of age groups. It is not uncommon for adults of different ages to encounter...

6 Ways for Eating Clean on Vacation

Who doesn’t dream of seeing the world? Traveling can be a fun and rewarding experience. But between all that soul searching and boundary opening that we all expect to find, all travelers worry about one thing -- food. Making sure you’re eating clean, sustainable food is difficult...

3 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner Without Gaining Weight

Winter is almost in full swing and that could be bad or good for your waistline. Researchers found that the holidays can make you fatter by about a pound. It may be because all the festivities are grouped so close together at the end of the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all...

10 Healthy Brain Foods You Should Be Eating Every Week

The brain is one of the most important yet complicated organs in the body, which makes taking care of it essential. We need the brain to be at its best for us to thrive in our day-to-day lives and in the longterm. Researchers continue to find ways to optimize the brain, and profound...

5 Scary Chemicals in Vaccines

Vaccines and other forms of inoculation are a wonderful discovery by man. The idea is to introduce a small amount of the virus into the body to strengthen the immune response against that particular virus. The practice originates as far back as the year 1000 AD. The Chinese inoculated...

11 Hidden Sources of Gluten You Need to Know About

Gluten-free living has become more mainstream in the last few years and gluten-free foods are easier to find in grocery stores and restaurants. Contrary to the media headlines claiming it a “fad diet,” for people like me with a severe autoimmune response to gluten, being...
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