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10 Minutes With Craniosacral

The fact can’t be avoided: daily life is full of stress. Bills. Deadlines. Bosses. Kids. Romantic entanglements (or a lack of romantic entanglements). It can be very difficult to find a consistent relief from the headaches, upset stomach, and anxiety that accompany modern...

Shed Your Skin with Dry Skin Brushing

You may have heard about the technique of dry skin-brushing, but did you know it is an ancient Ayurvedic technique? The practice is called Garshana in Sanskrit. Ayurveda was developed thousands of years ago in India and its primary focus is keeping your body well rather than fixing...

What is Bowen Therapy and What are its Benefits?

There are several disorders that do not respond well to conventional treatment. So people turn to alternative treatments such as Bowen Therapy which is built on the premise that the body’s best healing agent is itself. It’s been used as a complementary treatment in many...