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China’s GMO Problem and How It Could Affect You

Congratulations! You have heeded the words of your vegan friends and other dairy milk objectors and started drinking soy milk. The anti-dairy milk rhetoric includes lines like, “Would you drink the breast milk of your neighbor?” and “A cow’s milk is meant to turn a 500-pound...

Are your supplements filled with GMOs?

I bet when you were out purchasing your latest supplement you didn’t think you would need to make sure there weren’t any genetically modified organisms included did you? Unfortunately with how quick technology is advancing paired with a lack of FDA regulations, you can...

How Glyphosate Became a GMO Monster

You know pesticides are harmful so you wash your fruits and vegetables very well to protect yourself from their controversial health side effects. However, there's something equally dangerous in your produce and meat that you can't eliminate by thorough washing or cooking....