Articles by Trevor Goodchild

Trevor is a local Austinite who likes eating healthy, researching interesting topics, and playing music. His hobbies include blogging about natural lifestyles, city planning, philosophy and sociology.

15 Steps to Maintaining a Macrobiotic Diet

The origin of macrobiotics begins with a military doctor named Sagen Ishizuka. One of his students studied Ishizuka’s theory on balancing mineral salts, and the I-Ching. This student was George Ohsawa and a translation of his research introduced macrobiotics to America...

6 Ways to Cure Acid Reflux

Acid reflux happens to a lot of people at least a few times in their life, and some have to deal with it on a regular basis. Sometimes it seems like a mystery as to why it even happens at all. So you may ask what's going on in the body when you experience it? Behind the Scenes When...

Mysteries Revealed: 6 Ways Foods Affect Your Moods

You ever notice how eating a certain type of food makes you feel a certain way? Think of foods you know are not healthy, but love to eat. The term "guilty pleasure" itself indicates an emotional enjoyment from eating. You may know a friend who eats a tub of ice cream when he or she is...