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I am an experienced content writer currently based in Texas, USA and have written blogs, eBooks and articles for multiple clients. I have worked as a brand manager as well as a media planner in the past and am well versed in both fields. Currently loving writing as a freelancer. Im also a proud mom of a one year old and freelancing helps me give him more time while also exercising my own brain muscles. I am currently working as a proofreader with a content writing company and therefore, am well versed with all kinds of report writing, referencing styles, research methods, etc. I work on given deadlines and follow guidelines to the letter.
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10 Things That You Never Knew Boost Lactation

Becoming a mother is not an easy task. Being solely responsible for a tiny little human is difficult enough. To have to worry about lactation is just something you shouldn’t have to deal with. You should be sure that you are following these basic steps to adequately produce milk,...

10 Fish You Should Try

Seafood should be consumed at least twice a week, USDA recommends. Seafood should be a healthy and nutritional addition to your diet. Seafood plays a role in cutting your risk of severe or fatal cardiovascular diseases. Yes, it is often you find out that fish stocks are polluted...

10 Things to Know About NLP

Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) is a psychological approach, used by psychiatrist, physicians and hypnotherapists, for communication and personal development. It is a tool used by people for initiating positivity in their lives and for some kind of personal change they...
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10 Healthy Benefits of Cupping

Cupping therapy has been known and practiced since the time of ancient Egyptians, 1150 B.C. It is a form of alternative medicine, although not as popular as modern medicine, it accounts for many benefits. It works by placing glass, earthenware or bamboo cups on your skin to create...
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10 Herbs for Flawless Skin

With summer just around the corner, sunlight on full blast, it is easy to say that your skin would suffer if you do not take precautions. Some people would rush to the nearest drug store to buy loads of sunscreen and other skin products to combat UV rays and tanning, however what you...

8 Healthier Alternatives to White Rice

Rice is one of a few favorite grains people like to eat, as entrees or sides for entrees. But, rice is not your best option. Yes, it is delicious and goes perfect with some dishes but its nutritional value is not much. Not only is it detrimental to your health, it is full of unwanted...