Released FDA Documents Reveal That Government Scientists Knew Processed Foods Contain Alarming Levels of Carcinogens, But Kept Findings Secret: How Eating Organic Butter Can Help Neutralize Glyphosate

( - Recently The Guardian revealed documents that show the FDA had knowledge that millions of commercial products contained confirmed man-made carcinogens but kept quiet about it. Some of these carcinogens are present at dangerous levels, but the findings were still never made officially public. But, don’t worry, adding organic butter to your meals can help negate the effects of any glyphosate you may consume.

Known Carcinogens in Your Breakfast, but the FDA Didn’t Want You to Know

The Guardian invoked the Freedom of Information Act to force the FDA to release internal memos and emails to them which revealed that the governmental agency has been increasingly concerned about glyphosate contamination in commercial foods.

FDA scientists shared an internal memo where one scientist reported performing a home test on some commercial product samples, like grocery crackers, cereal, and some granola, and found that they were contaminated with glyphosate. The issue is that The International Agency for Research on Cancer has issued a statement three years ago announcing that glyphosate potentially causes cancer in humans. But glyphosate was once again linked with causing cancer in people in studies in 2017.

That’s some serious stuff — bottom line seems to be that glyphosate is not something you want near you without some kind of protective clothing. But instead you’re eating it. Just how much are you inadvertently consuming? One chemist’s home test revealed that some samples he tested had glyphosate levels 30 percent over the acceptable tolerance for human consumption.

What’s scarier? An FDA supervisor didn’t report these alarming results even though potentially toxic chemicals abundant in such illegal limits over the legal threshold are required to be reported to the EPA. He raised a technicality: the sample wasn’t official since it was examined at the chemist’s home.

You might be thinking that these over-the-limit samples are rare and don’t account for the majority of processed staple foods you’re eating. But scientists, like toxicologist Linda Birnbaum, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, state that if you’re constantly eating low levels of toxins, like glyphosate, for months or years, their cumulative effect is significantly harmful.

She adds that you’re not only exposed to low levels of glyphosate, but also most likely over a dozen other toxins too. Your overall low level exposure could be immense if you take into account the different foods you eat daily.

If you’re now understandably frantically trying to find foods that aren’t contaminated with glyphosate, sadly broccoli was the only food that tested negative for glyphosate contamination. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other foods that are glyphosate-free — but from the home test samples, they could only tentatively clear broccoli.

How Eating Walnut Organic Butter Can Help Protect You From Glyphosate Contamination

One way to protect your body from the harmful effects of glyphosate contamination is to eat walnut organic butter. That’s because it’s filled with antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and selenium. Researchers have made findings that all of these antioxidants help protect your body from pollutants, like glyphosate, by neutralizing harmful free radicals created by these pollutants.

These researchers found that when you’re exposed to glyphosate, a chain reaction starts that leads to some of your cells undergoing oxidative stress and eventually dying. If you eat walnut organic butter sometime during the day, its antioxidants cancel out the free radicals responsible for causing the oxidative stress before they can do any harm.

The good news is that the FDA should release their updated findings on glyphosate sometime this year or early next year. But the picture these unofficial tests seem to be painting seems to be that it may be impossible to completely avoid glyphosate exposure (and eating only broccoli all day is unhealthy). You can eat walnut organic butter to help protect you from your daily glyphosate exposure. Of course, that doesn’t mean that walnut organic butter will offer you 100 percent protection from glyphosate’s cancerous (and other deleterious) effects, but it will lessen the damage done to your body.


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