FDA Recalls 5 Valsartan Heart Medications: How Walnut Organic Butter Can Help Treat Hypertension and Prevent Heart Disease

( - The FDA just announced that they’re voluntarily recalling five medications containing the active ingredient valsartan. These medications are used primarily to treat hypertension and cardiac failure. The primary reason for the recall is the presence of a carcinogen, N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which is a byproduct produced by the new manufacturing method the companies of these five medications recently started using.

Recent lab tests produced evidence that NDMA is a possible cancer-causing agent for humans.

The FDA says it’s best to contact your doctor or pharmacist if you’re currently taking any medication containing valsartan.

Try Walnut Organic Butter to Boost Your Heart Health

Walnut organic butter is a natural butter made from walnuts and your selection of holistic herbs and spices. Since it’s made up primarily of walnuts, it doesn’t have the unhealthy fat content of regular butter. Instead, it’s rich with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and bountiful minerals, vitamins, and protein!

In studies, researchers found that mice who ate walnuts regularly experienced a significant lowering of their arterial blood pressure. But, in studies involving a total of 21,000 older patients, after about two decades of observation, researchers concluded that eating nuts doesn’t have a significant protective effect against cardiac failure. These patients didn’t exclusively eat walnuts, however.

But in another cumulative study review involving about 170,000 women and 42,000 men without any medical history of cancer, stroke, or cardiovascular disease, the overall findings were that eating nuts everyday helps significantly protect your heart. These participants had a serving of nuts at least five times each week. Overall, on average, they benefited from a 13 to 19 percent lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and a 15 to 23 percent lowered risk of coronary heart disease.

Focusing on just walnuts, rather than eating nuts in general, researchers looked at studies where participants’ walnut intake was scrutinized. They tallied a total of 365 participants whose daily calorie intake was between 10 to 24 percent directly from walnuts. They followed this diet for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks.

These participants enjoyed a significant decrease in their total and LDL cholesterol levels. The researchers also found that the walnuts seemed to boost their antioxidant capacity and lower overall inflammation in their blood vessels, which is great because inflammation present in blood vessels is a major cause of a cardiovascular event (like a heart attack).

And to top it off – eating walnuts everyday also causes weight loss, which is a significant deterrence of heart disease. Researchers took about 300 people and gave some of them 30 grams of walnuts everyday along with interdisciplinary dietary intervention and advice, while the others got no walnuts but the same intervention and advice. The walnut group lost the most weight during the study, and maintained the greatest amount of weight loss for 12 months. They also made better food choices, including not succumbing to consuming carb-heavy comfort foods. The researchers concluded that eating this serving of walnuts daily can boost weight loss efforts.

Try adding walnut organic butter to your daily routine. Your cardiovascular health may improve so significantly that your doctor may take you off potentially toxic heart pharmaceuticals, like these current valsartan recalls.


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