How Using Organic Butter With the Ancient Practice of Torma Can Boost Your Health

( - In China, Tibetan monks have been using organic butter to make art for thousands of years. The practice is a form of mindfulness meditation, while also a spiritual practice that worships Buddhist deities. You can try practicing Torma with your own homemade organic butter for a healthier, easier experience!

The art of Torma, which is also called Tsepdro, is practiced routinely by Tibetan monks. Tor means “to throw or scatter,” while ma means “love,” Torma can be loosely translated to mean “spreading love.” This love spreading is symbolized by the spreading of organic butter to create artistic designs and sculptures.

The Tibetan monks practice Torma throughout the year, mostly for prayer festivals and part of the traditional New Year’s festival. They usually use yak organic butter mixed with some natural food coloring and barley flour. Since yak organic butter melts at warmer temperatures, they must work in cold rooms and sometimes immerse their hands in cold water to keep the organic butter from melting while they spread it delicately onto flat boards to create profound designs or sculpt freestanding spiritual figurines.

An Act of Mindfulness That Protects the Mind and Body From Disease and Boosts Intelligence

The act of working with numbed and chilled hands to carefully spread mushy organic butter into artistic works requires patience and concentration. In doing so, you’re forced to stay intensely focused on the present and be aware of every one of your actions. This is essentially a form of mindfulness meditation.

Practicing mindfulness meditation regularly has been found to boost your critical thinking, which researchers say is increasingly important the further you advance in higher education. Meditation, in general, has been found to boost your intelligence – researchers have observed a 10 percent increase in school test scores and grade point average (GPA) in regular meditation practitioners compared with non-practitioners.

Mindfulness meditation has also been found to lower stress, blood pressure, and boost productivity after just one session. But if you practice mindfulness meditation regularly, researchers found that you’ll lower your risk for cancer and heart disease. They found you’ll also have longer telomeres, which determine the speed of aging. Other studies have shown that mindfulness practitioners also have better metabolism and a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

How Walnut Organic Butter Can Make Torma Healthier and Easier to Practice

It’s not easy to get yak organic butter, so you can use walnut organic butter instead. Walnut organic butter is better at staying solid at room temperature, which means it’s easier to work with and you won’t have to chill your hands in ice. They’ll also last longer, allowing you to showcase your Torma creations for a month or longer.

Tibetan monks also feed their Torma creations to animals or prepare them for consumption by other people. Of course, if you’re leaving yours out without refrigeration, you shouldn’t wait to eat it for too long to play it safe.

Walnut organic butter is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that keep your brain and heart healthy. It’s also filled with protein, vitamins, and rare minerals, like manganese, that your body needs everyday to run smoothly. It’s a lot healthier to eat than yak organic butter, which consists mostly of saturated fat.

Try practicing Torma! It’s an ancient spiritual art that boosts your mental health and teaches you patience through mindfulness. Your creations become a fun, holistically healthy snack to eat when you can shape them into mini-animals!


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