New Research Finds That You Might Be Predisposed to Increased Sugar Cravings: How Eating Healthy Organic Butter Can Help Lower Your Sugar Cravings

( - Have you ever wondered why you seem to get a sweet tooth every few days while your friends never seem to say a word about coming down with a sugar craving? You might think they’re just hiding it, but new research seems to find that it could just be you. Researchers found that there’s a certain gene that could be responsible for making you more prone to sugar cravings. Luckily, eating organic butter can help curb and prevent your predisposed sweet tooth.

The Newly Dreaded FGF21 Gene

Recently, researchers at the University of Copenhagen found that some people are born with a special variant of the FGF21 gene. If you have this variant of the gene, you’ll be predisposed to having less body fat around the hips, but you’ll also have a tendency to have more body fat around your waist. Because of this, researchers say the gene variant makes you prone to having an “apple shaped” body.

Having the FGF21 gene variant also predisposes you to developing chronic high blood pressure. But, even worse – it also predisposes you to having more sugar cravings. This is dangerous because you’ll succumb to at least a few of these on a routine basis – and the more extra sugar you consume, the more weight you gain. Gaining more weight and having a predisposition to hypertension is a combo that can greatly increase your risk for a heart attack.

Superfood Organic Butter Can Curb Your Sugar Cravings While Holistically Enriching Your Body

If you have this sugar craving FGF21 gene variant, eating holistically healthy organic butter can fight off your sugar cravings while also protecting your cardiovascular system. Where can you get it? Many online stores and physical health stores sell a jar of walnut organic butter. You can also make your own superfood organic butter at home using walnuts, almonds, and other superfood tree nuts and a blender. This is probably the healthiest choice of organic butter because you can make sure you’re choosing only organic and natural ingredients – and you can add as many additional superfoods into your organic butter as you’d like.

Why does consuming a superfood organic butter fight the effects of the FGF21 variant? When you make organic butter from blended nuts, you’re creating a powerful blend of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats. Complex carbohydrates are slow-burning because they’re slower to digest. They’ll be absorbed slowly into your bloodstream, which sends a constant, slow stream of sugar into your body for a long period of time. Fiber helps make you feel full and sated, while also slowing down the absorption of carbs. The combination of complex carbs and fiber means you’ll feel full for many hours while your bloodstream is infused with a reliable flow of sugar to keep you from craving sugar.

The omega-3 fatty acids abundant in tree nut organic butter also help sate your appetite. But they’re better known for protecting your cardiovascular system and helping prevent a whole host of chronic diseases, like cancer and dementia. These healthy fats certainly help counteract the increased cardiovascular disease risk that the FGF21 variant poses.

To top it off, tree nut organic butter is also filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – that’s why it’s called a superfood. These enrich your body holistically while the antioxidants help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer by destroying harmful toxins that cause hardening of your blood vessels and gene damage.

If you have frequent sugar cravings, you may have this FGF21 gene variant. Try dressing your meals with your homemade superfood organic butter to help prevent these sugar cravings, while also enriching your holistic health. You can even add healthy herbs and spices to infuse more antioxidants and nutrients into your organic butter blend!


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