The World Is Loving Butter Again, But Make Sure You Choose Organic Butter

( - Butter is popular again with mainstream consumers and companies. People are flocking back to the yellow tub of saturated fat after the long-held belief that butter is bad for your heart is starting to dispel. But before you go enjoying butter again yourself, remember to choose organic butter for the extra health boost.

Butter Sales Are Up

The rest of the stock market is currently on a downtrend, but butter sales are up! The 2018 projected global forecast for butter sales is a growth of almost 3 percent sales volume. Experts say the growth is due to consumers wanting more natural fats versus synthetic trans fats.

Why? Because experts announced that trans fats increase your risk for heart disease a lot more than saturated fats. Saturated fats, which are what butter is mostly composed of, are now understood to have the same effect on your cardiovascular system as eating simple carbohydrates.

The growing consumer butter-craving has a ripple effect that’s boosting the revenues of butter suppliers by about 10 percent or more. How? Because now you have companies desperately trying to shift the marketing of their edible goods, like pastries, baked goods, T.V. Dinners, and etc., to saying they have 0 percent trans fat. To make that a reality, they have to rush and replace all of their trans fat ingredients with butter’s saturated fat.

But If You’re Going to Rush to the Store, Make Sure What You’re Buying Is Organic Butter

The truth is, you should limit both your saturated fats and trans fats. Choose unsaturated fats instead because they actually heal and nourish your heart. You can make your own unsaturated fat organic butter at home using tree nuts. But, if you insist on giving into the craze and grabbing some dairy butter, make sure it’s organic butter.

Why? Even though organic butter is still filled with saturated fat, it’s got more omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.  It’s also got less toxins.

But choosing organic butter and spreading the word about its benefits also helps the environment and animal rights. Organic butter can only be made under specific, natural conditions that don’t allow for farmers to abuse animals – cows get more sun and grazing and must stay healthy. These cows also can’t be introduced to GMOs or other artificial agricultural materials, which means farmers have to use natural feed and treatments for caring and tending to the cows.

That means they can’t use glyphosate to kill weeds because their crops aren’t glyphosate-resistant, and because they’re not allowed to let glyphosate come into contact with the cows. Glyphosate has been linked in limited studies with causing many chronic disorders, like cancer, gluten intolerance, hormone disruption, and other alarming conditions.

If people shift the butter craze to an organic butter only craze, then farms will be forced to go natural and abandon the use of these harmful synthetic methods. There will be less of these harmful chemicals being introduced into the environment and cows will live happier lives because of better, natural conditions on farms.

But the shift to organic butter won’t happen unless people actively influence the movement. Start choosing organic butter (and other organic products) and convince your friends on social media about the cause. Organic butter is nutritionally healthier than regular butter, and buying it helps save the environment and improves the quality of life of farm animals – it’s a win-win!

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