How Taking Schisandra Boosts Your Brainpower and Fights Depression and Nervous Diseases

( - Prepared schisandra is a traditional Chinese medicine remedy that has been proven to protect and boost heart health, improve digestion and help treat GI disorders, and help protect your liver. Did you know it’s also great for your brain, mood, and learning? Here are some of schisandra’s brain benefits:

1. Schisandra Is a Natural Antidepressant

Researchers found that schisandra acts as a natural antidepressant. Patients administered a preparation of schisandra experienced pleasantly warm feelings and felt more energetic. Their sleep and appetite improved too.

Other studies on patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and related psychological disorders had similar findings. After these patients received their schisandra dose, the researchers found that they became calmer and more sociable. They reported that the patients seemed as though their emotional tensions were lifted along with their moods.

From this collective evidence, experts concluded that schisandra can be used to combat depression and other related disorders.

2. Schisandra Can Boost Your Brainpower

Eating natural schisandra berries or taking the preparation has been found to enhance your cognitive functions. It can also boost your memory and help protect your brain from memory impairment by beneficially acting on your hippocampus, which is where the majority of learning starts.

Since schisandra alleviates mental fatigue and makes you more alert – these also contribute to enhanced learning.

3. Schisandra Helps Treat and Protect Your Brain From Neurodegenerative Diseases

Experts found that schisandra acts on the nervous system, protecting neurons from injuries. Evidence shows that this property is what makes schisandra able to help treat and prevent neurodegenerative diseases, like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Schisandra also has anti-toxic activity and can protect your brain cells from damage from toxins. After being administered schisandra, cells experienced higher resistance to common, highly toxic chemicals.

Patients with various neurological disorders experienced a decrease in headaches and general weakness. If they were experiencing asthenia, which is loss of strength, which can be brought on by depression, then after the schisandra dose they gained up to 250 percent strength in their hands and almost 20 percent more lung capacity.

Ready to Include Schisandra Into Your Daily Life? Here’s How to Prepare Schisandra

You can eat up to three grams of fresh schisandra berries per day. If you buy a preparation of schisandra from a wellness store, they’ll most likely have the tincture, powder, pill, and capsule forms. Some evidence shows that taking more than two doses of schisandra (equivalent to about three grams of the fresh fruit) can have negative effects. Limit your daily intake to two doses or as instructed by your natural health practitioner.

You can also make schisandra tea by steeping three grams of the berries in hot water for an hour, then pouring the brew into your cup. This is a pleasant way to gift your brain and nervous system with schisandra’s beneficial effects!


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