Have You Heard of the Rehmanni Extract? Here Are 6 of Its Powerful Health Benefits

( - Rehmannia glutinosa, or simply rehmannia root, is an herb used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and other traditional folk medicines because of its powerful healing properties. It’s usually taken in powder or liquid extract form and has a sweet and and perhaps bitter taste (depending on what’s used to dilute it). If you’re looking to expand your herbal remedies repertoire, here are a few of rehmannia’s benefits:

1. Rehmannia Can Help Treat and Protect You From Neurodegenerative Diseases

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that rehmannia can help alleviate diseases of the brain. Researchers found that Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients experienced a decrease in the severity of their symptoms after being administered rehmannia.

They found that rehmannia protects your brain cells from the toxic effects of the abnormal excessive release of certain neurotransmitters, especially glutamate. They found this helps boost neuroplasticity and helps prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases.

2. Rehmannia Helps Slow Aging and Protects Your Body From Toxins by Boosting Your Natural Antioxidants

The researchers also found that taking rehmannia boosts your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes become more active and efficient at neutralizing free radicals and toxins, which means they help slow aging and protect you from chronic diseases. This also boosts your body’s anti-inflammatory mechanisms, which helps lower your overall inflammation.

3. Rehmannia Helps Prevent and Fight Cancer

Taking rehmannia can help protect your body from and fight off cancer. Researchers found that after administering rehmannia to subjects, their NK cells became more numerous and active. NK cells are specialized immune cells that specifically fight cancer cells.

In one study, they found that directly after taking rehmannia, the subjects’ lung cancer tumors’ growth was inhibited.

4. Rehmannia Can Help Prevent and Treat Osteoporosis

If you’re dealing with bone density problems or osteoporosis, taking rehmannia daily can help. Researchers gave rats with bone density issues rehmannia extract everyday for a few weeks. They compared these rehmannia-treated rats with a control group and found that the treated rats had about between 17 to 18 percent better bone density.

Even better – the rehmannia-treated rats didn’t experience organ damage or disruptions in their hormones. This leads researchers to tentatively conclude that rehmannia can safely treat osteoporosis and other bone density problems without serious adverse effects.

5. Rehmannia Can Help Treat and Prevent Diabetes and Its Complications

Researchers also conducted some studies on rehmannia and any possible beneficial effects on diabetes. They found that taking rehmannia daily helps you manage and lower your blood glucose levels. They believe that a daily regimen including rehmannia can help prevent prediabetic patients from developing diabetes, while also helping diabetic patients better control their blood glucose.

These researchers also found that taking rehmannia has protective effects on your kidneys and nervous system. Specifically, they found that rehmannia can help protect you from neuropathy and nephropathy, which are common complications associated with diabetes. They believe, in addition to helping regulate blood glucose levels, rehmannia can also protect diabetics from dangerous diabetes complications.

6. Rehmannia Can Help Prevent Obesity and Also Boost Weight Loss

Rehmannia can also help you lose weight! Researchers studied the effects of taking rehmannia combined with exercise and found that subjects who did both experienced a boost in their fat metabolism. That means their bodies burned more fat than those who exercised but didn’t take rehmannia.

The study centered around postmenopausal women because some undergo estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) to help offset symptoms of estrogen deficiency. ERT has shown to help fight cardiovascular disease and obesity in postmenopausal women. But ERT can cause some scary side effects, like vaginal bleeding and cardiovascular complications.

But rehmannia can somewhat naturally mimic estrogen without the dangerous side effects of ERT. The researchers hope that rehmannia can either replace or complement ERT on a case-by-case basis for postmenopausal women to help them lower weight gain and prevent cardiovascular disease and other diseases associated with menopause.

Add rehmannia to your list of go-to herbal remedies. It seems to be relatively mild on the body when it comes to side effects, but has powerful healing properties. It’s no wonder so many cultures have been using this herb since ancient times.


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