The Asian Pear Is Now in Season: 4 of Their Health Benefits May Make You Run Out to Buy Some Right Now!

( - The Asian pear, which is also known as the Korean pear, is plentiful in East Asia. It’s the fruit of the Pyrus pyrifolia tree, which can be found in people’s gardens. But it’s most popular in Korea where they’re enjoyed in the Korean culture almost more than Americans love lemonade. The good news is they’re in season now in California, where they’re locally grown. That means they’re more available and priced a little better at your local market.

But if you’re wondering whether you should buy some of this fruit, you’ll probably be running out the door to stock up after reading about some of their surprising health benefits:

1. It Helps You Lose Weight

The Asian pear only has 116 calories, but it’s also loaded with between 25 to almost 40 grams of fiber. This gives you up to 40 percent of your daily recommended fiber intake. Fiber helps suppress your appetite (while also promoting better digestive and cardiovascular health). The fiber keeps you feeling fuller, which means you won’t go hungry so soon.

The Asian pear has a low-calorie content compared to common fiber-rich meals, like cereal which has about 160 calories if consumed with milk. That means when you eat the Asian pear, you’re taking in fewer carbs while also keeping yourself sated for longer in the day.

2. It Nourishes Your Body

Like most fruits, the Asian pear is loaded with important vitamins and minerals. One Asian pear gives you about 7.1 percent of your daily recommended potassium intake. It also gives you 14 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamins K and C.

It also provides you with 15 percent of your daily recommended copper intake. Copper is a rare essential nutrient that your body needs to make its antioxidant enzymes, which cleanse your body of harmful free radicals and toxins that speed up aging and put you at risk for chronic diseases.

It’s also filled with its own antioxidants, which means you get even more free radical-fighting power from this fruit.

3. It Helps You Get Over a Hangover a Lot Faster!

Here’s the benefit that will amaze you and make you keep it within a cupboard’s reach – especially if you love hitting the bar with your friends! Researchers found that drinking the juice from the Asian pear about half an hour before you go out drinking lessens alcohol-induced impaired memory, dizziness, confusion, sensitivity to light and sound, and difficulty concentrating. They even found that it actually lowers your blood alcohol levels! They conclude that the Asian pear boosts your liver’s alcohol detoxifying abilities.

These hangover-fighting effects last for even 15 hours after you’ve finished drinking. Their overall conclusion is that drinking Asian pear juice shortens a hangover and lessens its negative effects by up to 21 percent.

What’s the bottom line? Throw back a shot of Asian pear juice before heading out for a night around the town and you’ll recover from the hangover faster than your friends.

4. It Reduces Dark Circles Under the Eyes and Can Help Fight Dry Skin

According to Dr. Oz, who is now the U.S. Surgeon General, eating Asian pears regularly can reduce any dark circles under the eyes. They also naturally treat dry skin. These are both ailments that Asian pears have been used to treat in cultural traditional medicines.

The Asian pear helps you lose weight, pumps your body with nutrients, and even helps you fight hangovers. Go get some now while they’re still in season!


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