4 Natural Flu-fighting Foods and Supplements That Help You Avoid Getting a Flu Shot This Winter

( - Vaccines are known to deliver toxins to your body when your healthcare provider gives you your seasonal flu shot. The CDC admits they also pose dangerous side effects like swelling, headaches, fever, difficulty breathing, and cardiac problems. If you’re not within the at-risk demographics who are at greater risk of getting the flu and if you’re trying to avoid getting the flu vaccine, the good news is there are natural, holistically healthy foods and supplements that help protect you from the flu and cold.

Here are four you can incorporate into your daily regimen:

1. Garlic

If you eat aged garlic (like black garlic) or take the extract, researchers found that it can help you fight the cold and flu. Researchers found that patients who ingested aged garlic or the extract on a daily basis had statistically lower incidences of contracting the flu or cold compared with patients who didn’t take garlic. That means that these patients who took the garlic everyday didn’t catch the flu or cold as often as those who didn’t.

If you already have the cold or flu, the researchers found that undergoing the daily garlic regimen also lowers the severity and symptoms of the disease.

Why does taking garlic everyday help fight the cold? The researchers found that garlic and its extract boost the number of immune cells and their activity in your body, which help fend off cold- and flu-causing pathogens.

2. Elderberry

Elderberry is a type of berry that’s common in many traditional medicine remedies. Researchers found that elderberry extract can be as effective as the antiviral pharmaceutical oseltamivir, which is used to help treat early influenza infections.

They administered elderberry extract to about 300 airplane passengers on a long-haul flight and found that they had fewer incidences of catching a cold or flu than those not on the extract. They found that the elderberry extract group, on average, had a cold or flu for two days shorter than the control group. The elderberry extract group also experienced an approximate 40 percent lower severity in cold or flu symptoms.

If you’d like to try taking elderberry extract to help protect you from getting the cold and flu before a long flight, you should take it daily starting about a week before the flight because that’s about when the participants started taking the extract.

Elderberry is also antioxidant- and vitamin-rich, which means it also protects your body from free radicals and cancer — while also nourishing it.

3. Probiotics

You know probiotics are good for your digestive health, but did you know they can help protect you from the cold and flu too? Researchers found that taking probiotics daily lowers your chances of catching the cold and flu. Doing so also helps lessen the severity and duration of a cold or flu.

Why? It turns out that probiotics can help regulate and boost your immunity against viruses, like the ones that cause the cold and flu.

4. Lomatium Dissectum Root Extract

Lomatium dissectum root is actually a member of the carrot family. It’s fairly common in the United States and has been used in many traditional medicines as a remedy for the cold and flu.

Researchers found that the lomatium dissectum root extract completely inhibited harmful effects some strains of viruses have on cells. Given its strong antiviral properties, it may help protect you from and treat a cold or flu.

Incorporate these powerful flu-fighting foods and supplements into your daily wellness routine to help you stay cold- and flu-free without getting a flu shot. But if you’re in one of the sensitive demographics where getting the flu can be life-threatening (like if you’re in your 70s or older), then it might be best to get vaccinated with the most up-to-date flu vaccine.

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