7 Ways Owning a Pet Can Heal You

( - Ask any person who owns and loves their pet and they will tell you how their pet has made their life easier, better or happier. Very many homes around the world have a pet or two, but not as many people know how their pets affect their health.

According to multiple researches done, pets are an essential factor that affects human health, regardless of the gender or age of the owner.
Below is a list of the health benefits that you enjoy if you own a pet.

1. Pets Can Prevent Asthma and Allergies in Children

Very many children are allergic to furred pets like cats and dogs. However, a study shows that infants living with a pet are less likely to show pet allergies especially if they started living with the pet at a very young age.

Children who have grown up around pets are less likely to suffer from eczema, a skin condition caused by allergens and that is characterized by itching and red patches on the skin.

In addition, some children showed higher levels of some chemicals that are an important part of the immune system. This means that these children had stronger immune systems than children who grew up without a pet in their home.

The risk of asthma has also been found to reduce as kids are exposed to cats at a young age.

2. Pets Relieve Stress and Depression

Pet owners who suffer from HIV and AIDS are less likely to suffer stress and depression compared to victims who don’t own pets. The reduction in stress and depression risk is directly proportional to the level of attachment the person holds for their pet; the stronger the bond, the lesser the risk of depression and stress.

Petting and playing with pets is a very enjoyable activity for many people. Enjoyable activities have been linked to an increase in the production of dopamine and serotonin; two nerve neurotransmitters that are known for their pleasurable yet calming effects.

This explains why dogs, cats and other pets play an important role in relieving stress and preventing depression.

3. Dogs and Old people

Alzheimer’s patients are prone to anxious outbursts that are often not caused by any emotion, like anger or surprise. However, the presence of a pet near them reduces the chances that they will suffer from these outbursts; having a pet around reduces the number of times these outbursts come about.

Ever thought of how walking your dog helps you? Probably not. When walking a dog, you are also walking and this is great physical exercise for many people especially old people who are not inspired to do physical exercise unsupervised.

Walking the dog is also exercise for younger people, but their busy lives makes the benefits of this activity too insignificant compared to the amount of activity in their lives.

4. Improving Heart Health

Having a pet companion can improve the health of your heart by lowering blood pressure and also calming your pulse when stressed. People who have suffered a heart attack live longer if they have a pet than if they don’t own one. Multiple researches have proven that owning a cat reduces the risk of dying from a heart attack by more than 35 percent.

Having a pet also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and the risk of hypertension. This can be attributed to the unique lifestyle of pet owners which can be characterized by, but not limited to, dog walking, horse riding, running with dogs etc. These are all activities that not only reduce cholesterol levels but also burn excess fat from our bodies.

5. Pets May Reduce Obesity

Most obese people do not exercise physically. However, having a dog or a horse as a pet ensures that you have to run or walk in some days and these two activities have been found to reduce the risk of obesity in both children and adults.

6. Service Dogs

A dog is the one pet that can be trained to do very many things. Many dogs living with diabetic people have been trained to alert their owners to a drop in their blood sugar levels.

Dogs living with people recovering or living with arthritis can be used to create a dog walking routine; walking the dog every morning and evening while both of you benefit physically.

In the same light, epileptic people can now own a dog that alerts them to an oncoming seizure or to keep them from harm during the duration of their seizures.

Other dogs are trained to fetch things, meaning that patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease or physical disabilities do not get stressed every time they need to pick up or drop off items.

7. Helping Autistic Children

Autistic children experience the world differently compared to normal healthy children. However, with a pet, autistic children may learn to not only enjoy life but also appreciate objects around them. By keeping them in constant contact with the animals, their senses of sight, smell and touch will repeatedly be stimulated.

Getting attached to a pet also helps them improve their focus and increase their attention spans. This can be explained by the simple fact that many pets, such as dogs are very active animals and they will grab the child’s attention and keep them hooked on them for a long time. These helps them improve their focus on one activity.

If you don’t already own a pet, adopt your best friend today! They’ll heal and love you for their whole life.

Written by Dennis Muigai
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