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10 Herbs for Flawless Skin

( - With summer just around the corner, sunlight on full blast, it is easy to say that your skin would suffer if you do not take precautions. Some people would rush to the nearest drug store to buy loads of sunscreen and other skin products to combat UV rays and tanning, however what you do not realize is that you have enough natural products at home to last all through summer for flawless skin.

Here are 10 herbs and natural products that you can use for a chance at flawless skin:

1. Olive Oil

You may already know all the health benefits olive oil has to offer, such as hair strengthening. However, that is not all — olive oil is full of antioxidants which has superb antiaging properties. It proves to be a great asset for hair, skin and nails.

2. Parsley

Surprised yet? Yes, parsley is one of those secrets for flawless skin. It is packed with vitamin C, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and vitamin A, which has antiaging properties. You can consume parsley in food, or juices or you can use it externally as a face mask.

3. Rosewater

Most of you will be familiar with this household remedy. Rosewater has countless benefits for skin: it maintains the pH balance of your skin and controls the production of excess oil — already starting to realize the usefulness?

That is not all, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin and because it can be used as an astringent, it helps clean pores and tone your skin. It is also be used to treat inflammatory or irritated skin. It goes without saying, it is meant to be used externally on your skin.

4. Aloe Vera

Although not much of a herb, aloe vera has many benefits for skin, hair and health. Used externally in its gel form, you can use it on your skin, it has antiaging properties, tightens your skin, fights and reduces blemishes, moisturizes and treats sunburns.

For internal health, you can ingest it, just a little bit of aloe vera can help reduce inflammation, heart burn, control cholesterol and blood sugar.

5. Horsetail

Although not so common, it is an eminent herb used for treating acne and healing skin. it can also be used as an astringent.

Horsetail has a high content of collagen which gives your skin glowing and youthful properties. It has to be used externally in the form of a mask, or toner.

6. Peppermint

A good one to make use of in the summer. With the summer heat fast approaching, peppermint would be great to keep your skin feeling cool, due to its thermoreceptor properties, it has a cooling effect. Not just that, it also nourishes dry skin and prevents excess oils. It also has healing properties to treat insect bites and to keep insects away.

7. Lemongrass

This herb is extremely useful for those of you with oily skin. due to its astringent quality, it is used to help minimize pores while constricting the skin. It is also used in many skincare products which are used for oily and acne prone skin.

8. Burdock

Although you may pass it along as just another weed growing in your garden, you should be aware of its many benefits for skin.

It is used to fight skin diseases such as psoriasis and treats eczema, but most of all it is used to prevent acne. It is an excellent and useful herb for healing skin and for clear looking flawless skin because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

9. Nettle

Although this is another weed, yet again it has numerous benefits and uses for skin. It is a healing plant, and because of its rich content of minerals, it is very useful for cell rejuvenation. Its use results in youthful looking skin, and combats oily skin and hair, it also makes for a natural treatment of acne.

10. Calendula (Marigold)

Beautiful to look at and makes you beautiful. Calendula has numerous healing properties, due to its high content of carotenoids, it is used to heal irritated or inflamed skin, wounds, bites, scars, dermatitis. It also has a soothing effect. Use externally and apply on designated area.

Try these natural treatments for your skin and see if it’s better than artificial pharmaceuticals. You might never go to the dermatologist ever again.

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