10 Benefits of Holistic Dentists

( - When it comes to modern dentistry, it’s more about fixing teeth than about fixing health. You can have all the fillings in the world but they’re only a temporary solution. In fact, many dental fixtures, including fillings often contain toxic chemicals that can harm your health.

For a permanent solution, you need to fix your health and that’s where holistic dentists come in. Holistic dentists aren’t your average dentists. Instead of using quick fixes, holistic dentists focus on your whole health and its relationship with your oral health. They promote health and wellness rather than the treatment of diseases. Here are some benefits of holistic dentists.

1. They Look at Your Whole Health

Holistic dentists don’t just look at your oral health. They look at your whole health, considering every aspect of the human body.

Whereas traditional dentistry focuses only on the oral cavity, holistic dentistry focuses on the mouth-body connection. In essence, holistic dentists believe that poor physical health leads to poor dental health and vice versa. Visit a holistic dentist and your dental problems won’t be fixed with toxic, temporary solutions. They’ll be fixed naturally and healthily.

Using their holistic techniques, they can help relieve you from disorders like chronic fatigue, sinusitis, heart burn, irritable bowel, mood disorders and poor concentration.

2. They Don’t Use Amalgam Fillings

Many of the materials used by average dentists are often bad for your health. Amalgam fillings, for instance, contain 50 percent mercury, one of the most toxic substances around.

Because the mercury escapes from the fillings, it gets stored in your body tissues, and causes disease. Instead, they use composite fillings.

3. They Don’t Use Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are also less than healthy for your teeth. For a long time, it’s been believed that fluoride can cure cavities.

Recent research shows that this could be a myth and that fluoride can actually cause health problems: Brain damage, arthritis, dementia, bone cancer, and muscle disorders to name a few.  Fortunately, holistic dentists only use materials that are free of toxins and adopt treatments that won’t harm your health.

4. They Offer Natural Solutions

For problems like root canals, holistic dentists offer natural solutions that do not require having a tooth pulled.

Because they believe that eating foods to keep your body in balance is the key to optimum dental health, holistic dentists advise you to cut down on sugar, drink raw milk and eat plenty of yellow butter in order to heal tooth infections. They also insist on natural remedies like this tooth infection halting recipe.

5. They Test Your Compatibility With Filling Materials First

Instead of using harsh treatments like mercury fillings, fluoride treatments and anesthesia, holistic dentists seek biocompatible materials.

To check a material is safe for a client, he or she will undergo a biocompatibility test using muscle testing, electrical testing, cranial-rhythm testing or blood testing. In other words, your biology determines your filling material.

6. They Can Correct Previous Treatment

Do you have silver or amalgam fillings in your mouth? If so, be aware that these fillings release mercury-laden vapors into your mouth which, as mentioned before, can lead to health problems.

Fortunately, most holistic dentists can remove those harmful fillings and replace them using safe materials that won’t affect your health. Then you can say farewell to dangerous vapors! For example, they opt for natural treatments like ozone therapy when removing fillings.

7. They Won’t Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Unless Necessary

According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, “over two-thirds of cases of wisdom tooth extractions are completely unnecessary.”

They also often cause “permanent paresthesia,” which is the numbness of the lip, cheek and tongue, resulting from the surgery.

Wisdom teeth only need to be removed if they are causing problems. If there’s no pain or infection, your wisdom teeth should stay put.

8. They Rarely Use X-Rays

A study by Elizabeth Claus of Yale University suggests individuals who have had regular dental X-rays have a significant increase in the risk of developing a brain tumour.

Because of their high radiation exposure, X-rays can be lethal to your health. That’s why holistic dentists only use digital X-rays.

Digital X-rays are around 50 percent lower in radiation than the traditional dental X-ray machines. As radiation is still present even in the digital X-rays, holistic dentists use these sparingly.

9. They Offer Infrared Devices Instead of Painkillers For Pain Relief

Forget popping painkillers to reduce your discomfort. Holistic dentists offer a better, faster and natural alternative for speeding up healing following dental treatment: a hand held infrared device.

By holding it close to the area of your discomfort for 20 minutes at a time, a few times a day, you’ll see quick and effective results. You’ll heal before you know it. Painkiller work at a snail’s pace, whereas infrared treatment works at lightning speed.

10. Where to Find a Holistic Dentist

As you can see, there are many benefits to holistic dentistry. By now you’re probably thinking, “Where do I find one of these holistic dentists?”

First of all, ask around. Have any of your friends or family members used a holistic dentist before and if so, would they recommend any dentist in particular? If not, you can find a holistic dentist in your area here by typing in the name of your city or state abbreviation.

Be warned, not all the dentists on this list may be very holistic, so do your research prior to booking. However, don’t give up. Finding a reputable holistic dentist will heal your dental health and your whole health. Hence, it’s worth spending time over until you find the right one.

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