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Why You’re Cheating Your Health by Not Fermenting Your Own Black Garlic

( - You’re probably aware of garlic’s vast health benefits. It’s proven to fight cancer, cleanse your digestive tract of parasites and Candida, and keep your blood sugar levels safe. But did you know you can make your garlic healthier by fermenting it into black garlic?

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is fermented garlic originating from Korea as far back as 4,000 years ago. Although a staple in Korea, it’s begun to slowly spread in the Western world. Due to its unique, mild flavors it’s trending in restaurants across North America. Chefs have created many delicacies from black garlic including black garlic vinaigrette on sea bass, which is a pureed black garlic mixed with extra virgin olive oil, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and a little salt.

Ancient recipes instruct fermenting regular garlic for at least 30 days. Thus, independent farmers and commercial black garlic producers ferment between 30 to 45 days.

Why is black garlic healthier than regular garlic?

Black garlic has twice more cancer-fighting and heart-protecting compounds than regular white garlic. It also fights infections faster since its bacteria- and fungi-killing compounds are faster acting.

Korean researchers found that fermenting garlic reduces its acidity and sugar content. This means that black garlic contains less carbs and helps you lose weight better than regular white garlic! Also, alkaline foods are associated with many holistic cleanses and healthy diets, so black garlic’s decreased acidity can be beneficial as well.

For these reasons, black garlic is also taken as a health supplement in Korea to treat arthritis, boost energy levels, and treat diarrhea.

Why you need to ferment your own black garlic

The Korean researchers discovered that black garlic has the highest levels of good compounds, lowest amounts of sugar, and the least acidity at the 21st day of fermentation. They found that antioxidant levels drop and acidity and sugar content increases if fermentation continues past 21 days.

Why is this a problem? Remember that most recipes and commercial retailers ferment their garlic between 30 and 45 days. This means they’re fermented so much that some of these health benefits are destroyed.

Thus, you should ferment your own black garlic to get the most health benefits from each clove. The researchers advise that you ferment your garlic at a constant 90 percent humidity and 70 degrees Celsius for 21 straight days. Afterward, you can enjoy your high quality black garlic!

Some other upsides to eating black garlic over regular white garlic

Besides its superior health benefits, black garlic is also more fun than plain garlic. Unlike regular garlic you can eat black garlic raw – just like grapes! In fact it tastes like caramelized dates. Chefs have described its flavors as multidimensional. Dream Dance Steak chef Chase Anderson says, “Everything is there—sweet, sour, salty, umami—but in a very subtle way…. Raw garlic is like playing one note, black garlic is like a band or orchestra – a lot of single notes being played at the same time.” Its flavors are so exotic and adaptive that some chefs have been able to mimic Japanese rice wine mirin using only sesame oil and black garlic!

Being able to eat black garlic raw means more of its good compounds will be absorbed by your body. Also, it makes it easier to take it as a supplement, unlike regular garlic.

Researchers also found that black garlic won’t make your breath and sweat smell like garlic – so there’s that upside too! This means you can enjoy a nice, heavily-garlicked Italian dinner without worrying about smelling like garlic afterward.

Switch to black garlic today. It’s healthier and tastes better! Remember to ferment your own black garlic to maximize its health benefits – it’s also cheaper than buying from retailers. But keep in mind you should only ferment for no more and no less than 21 days.

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