What is Bowen Therapy and What are its Benefits?

( - There are several disorders that do not respond well to conventional treatment. So people turn to alternative treatments such as Bowen Therapy which is built on the premise that the body’s best healing agent is itself. It’s been used as a complementary treatment in many health institutions where it’s helped treat disorders linked to the muscles and tendons, as well as respiratory, reproductive and other common ailments.

What Bowen Therapy Is

Bowen is a corrective form of therapy involving the stimulation of muscles, tendons, nerves and the connective tissue or fascia that links them. Unlike massage, physiotherapy, and other hand stimulation therapies, Bowen does not involve pressure or manipulation of body parts. Its movements are light and delicate, but subtle enough to penetrate to the problem areas and beyond.

The Procedure

Two or three treatment sessions (five to seven days apart) are initially recommended, to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. A session may last 30 to 60 minutes and comprise 3 or more sets of moves. The sets are separated by two-minute intervals, to allow for the necessary changes to take effect in the body before more work is done. The therapist works on specific muscle groups and uses a technique that involves rolling his fingers across the muscles—rather than up and down—so as to accelerate the healing process.

At the start of each session, the client drinks a glass of water to help loosen any tight body tissues to better enable the body to repair itself.

Clients may begin to experience incredible results after one to three sessions, but more chronic or long-standing conditions may require additional sessions. Clients may not undergo other forms of physical therapy at the same time as Bowen as these might interfere with and contradict the Bowen procedure. However, if the body remains unresponsive even after the third session, clients may be advised to try something else.

Benefits of Bowen Therapy

  • It’s gentle and relaxing motions are suitable for those who might find other forms of therapy too heavy such as pregnant women, newborn babies, and the aged.
  • It’s mostly used in the treatment of problems associated with muscles and tendons, such as back and neck pain, but has also been found effective in the relief of stress and reproductive problems.
  • Its holistic approach benefits the entire body.
  • It creates greater flexibility and mobility. Patients recovering from replacement therapy and chronic fatigue have hailed Bowen’s healing powers.
  • It cleans up and drains the lymphatic system, the body’s garbage removal system that may have become clogged through ill-health, and in so doing, it boosts the immune nervous system allowing for more energy.

Bowen is intended to complement rather than compete with regular medicine.  So no one would be obliged to discontinue their medication under Bowen. And since its a delicate procedure, it should be administered by a registered therapist

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