Supplement Pills, Tinctures, and Powders: Are You Cheating Yourself?

( - When it comes to supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals, and herbs you want the best for your body, right? With so many different forms of supplements out there, you wonder — what’s best? Here are the pros and cons of pills, tinctures, and powders.


Most find taking pills easy and convenient. Depending upon the brand quality, pills offer varying concentrated dosages of the supplement. It’s important to choose a quality brand over a brand that has fillers, artificial flavors and colors, and weird chemicals. These lower the concentration of the healthy supplement and may even be harmful to your body. Choose a brand that has minimal ingredients and is allergen-free.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’ll need to do more thorough research on brands you’re considering. For instance, the majority of probiotics on the market (yes, even those labeled “milk-free”) still derive their probiotics from milk proteins and many capsules use gelatin.

Pills are easy to carry around and pop in your mouth when needed. Choose quality over price!


Tinctures can be useful but are often bashed by herbalists for not containing the effective proper dosages. They can also be expensive. You’re better off choosing tinctures for acute conditions like colds rather than chronic ones like arthritis.

Using a tincture could be beneficial for you if you have trouble swallowing pills. Tinctures are often found at local health food stores, but you can make your own with herbs and vodka.


One of the good things about powders is that they’re generally pure. Powders are easier to take if you need a large dosage of a particular supplement. It’s easier to drink a shot of powder and water (or juice) than downing two or three large pills.

For example, one leaky gut supplement containing licorice, marshmallow, and slippery elm requires a lot of capsules for the same dosage as one scoop of powder, which you can easily add to a morning smoothie.

However, if you’re using powders for large dosages it’s wise to check the ingredients and do additional research on brands you’re not sure about. You don’t want to risk consuming huge amounts of harmful chemicals.

Powders are also cheaper than tinctures and pills. Thus, if you don’t mind taking them straight or mixing them with drinks, they’re the best option in terms of quality and price.

Should I Worry About Absorption?

The truth is, there’s little research comparing your body’s ability to absorb these three. But as long as you’re taking a quality supplement and are in good health, your body should have no trouble absorbing it regardless of the form.

The best form of supplement is the one that you’ll actually take! If you enjoy smoothies everyday, a powder could work very well for you. If you’re on the go all the time and always forget to take your supplements, pills might be a better option. If you’re sick with a bad cold, go get yourself a goldenseal tincture. Choose what’s best for you and your situation. Happy supplementing!

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