Is Ice Cream Bad for You? Chinese Medicine Says So

( - It seems like an odd thing to focus on, doesn’t it? Why just ice cream?

Ice cream isn’t the sole food labeled “bad” by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many iced drinks, smoothies, and frozen treats are blamed by TCM for causing poor digestive health. With the summer season approaching, let’s take a closer look at why TCM says that ice cream is bad for you.

Improving Your Internal Cold Energy

TCM focuses on trying to enrich your internal cold energy, which will help your body feel cooler. When it comes to ice cream, its coldness actually narrows your blood vessels, reducing blood flow to your digestive system and decreasing your body’s absorption of nutrients from the food you’re digesting.

Too much internal heat has been linked to illness and leaving the body vulnerable in times of excessive heat, such as summertime. You can try to improve your cold energy rather than hurting it by eating beneficial, water-packed foods such as watermelon and celery (and more foods that we will soon see!)

Keep Your Gastrointestinal System Healthy

Don’t upset your digestive system—as many of you have experienced, ice cream can lead to gastrointestinal upset through indigestion and diarrhea. The same is true for other dairy products like milk and creamers, which are infamous for causing problems to the gut (where the majority of your immune system resides).

TCM points to the fact that many different cold foods and drinks are harmful to the digestive system, both from decreasing blood flow and by speeding up the processing of your food, which leads to malabsorption of nutrients. Not only that, but cold foods and drinks make your gut susceptible to illness as well.

Avoid Illness

TCM says ice cream is bad for you because it harms the gut and opens your body up to different illnesses. Ice cream doesn’t increase your internal cold energy—and too much internal heat can lead to illness. Not to mention that the sugar and cream content in ice cream contains bad fats and loads of sugar!

Cold drinks can also worsen the chances for illness in people who commonly experience respiratory problems. Cold drinks can restrict blood flow to your throat and allow harmful energies to enter the body. The coldness also depletes your body’s energy because your digestive system has to heat itself up again in order to properly process nutrients. But your body needs this energy to heal during sickness!

What You Can Eat Instead

Lucky for you, nearly all the foods on the ice cream replacement list are great for rehydrating your body and helping with weight loss, among many other benefits.

  • Fruits. Watermelon, bananas, apples, oranges, dragon fruit, kiwi, and strawberry
  • Vegetables. Seaweed, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, turnip, and bamboo shoots
  • Dairy alternatives. Coconut milk and coconut milk yogurt
  • Beverages. Hot tea actually cools you down, and of course water

Enjoy summer this year without the indigestion or poor health that comes with consuming ice cream. Enjoy these refreshing alternatives instead and remember to recover your internal cold energy, and not by eating literally cold foods!

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