Are your supplements filled with GMOs?

( - I bet when you were out purchasing your latest supplement you didn’t think you would need to make sure there weren’t any genetically modified organisms included did you? Unfortunately with how quick technology is advancing paired with a lack of FDA regulations, you can never be too sure.

GMO’s begin in a laboratory. They are the product of combining two organisms together through genetic engineering. While we know this process can create a product that has a higher resiliency to insects and other attacks by Mother Nature, as well as allowing farmers to produce a higher volume in a shorter amount of time; the information about the potential risks of these organisms in our food and supplements is lacking. With that being said, GMO’s may not be something you prefer to ingest with the supplements you use.

You might wonder why GMO’s are so controversial to begin with. The answer is that they require more chemicals in production than any truly natural product. The chemicals can not only pollute the environment; they can lead to crop failure, food allergies due to being an organism that is not naturally digested by the human body, and can also decrease the nutritional value of some important foods that are used in the creation of supplements.

The bottom line is, supplements are used to give your body nutrients it might not otherwise be able to get from natural food sources; if the supplement is derived from something that is not natural, are you truly setting yourself up to be healthier; or could it be quite the opposite?

How can you find out if your supplements are filled with GMO’s?

Do your research

GMO’S are popping up in many different products throughout the United States. According to Anthony Gucciardi at Natural Society, “major supplement producers actually will openly admit that they derive many of their formulas from GMO crops-consumers just aren’t really paying attention!” What you don’t know can potentially hurt you. Be aware of how your favorite supplement company creates their product.

Read the fine print

Many supplement companies will list their product as being natural due to the lack of regulations in this industry. Look for products that specifically list “NON-GMO” or “organic” on them to make sure you are getting something that truly is natural. If the product does not indicate on this on the packaging then it is most likely derived from a genetically modified organism.

Look for the seal

An even easier way to find products that are not filled with GMO’s is specifically looking for the Non-GMO Project Verified seal. Products that have this seal on their packaging are certified of being free of genetically modified ingredients. This seal isn’t just given to any supplement company, they must prove that they are using quality NON-GMO products to print this seal on their packaging.

The bottom line is, as consumers staying informed of the potential risks associated with anything that we put in our bodies is very important to our overall health and well-being. If you are unsure as to what is in the supplements you’re using now is the time to find out.

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