5 Amazing Benefits of Chelation Therapy

( - We are exposed to heavy metals every day that find their way into our bloodstream, whether its from that big sushi dinner we had last night or drinking water through those old lead pipes we have in our house.

But what if you want to remove some of those heavy metals that have found their way into your body? What if you want to do something to improve your heart health and even the longevity of your brain?

Basically, chelation therapy (pronounced key-lay-shon) is the use of either an oral or IV medicine that enters your blood stream and binds with heavy metals in your body which your body then discharges through urine.

The medicine is a synthetic amino acid called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and is administered in an office, where you might be alone or with other patients doing the same thing. The whole process takes about 90 minutes and has a long proven history of safety.

There are many great reasons to try chelation therapy and it could improve your health in many ways, so to break it down for you here are five benefits of chelation therapy!

1. Chelation Therapy Can Improve Your Heart Health

Perhaps the best-known use for chelation therapy, improved heart health is one of the main reasons many people try chelation for the first time. Many patients use chelation for a treatment of arteriosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries, as well as to treat high blood pressure and improve circulation.

Here’s how it works: Calcium is found within the fatty deposits that line the arterial walls. The EDTA binds to these calcium deposits and flushes it out of the bloodstream, taking with it the arterial plaque. The plaque and other harmful metals are removed from the body through urine

2. Chelation Therapy Can Get Rid of your Brain Fog

If you experience brain fog or even chronic fatigue syndrome, you may get relief from chelation therapy. Heavy metal toxicity in the bloodstream can lead to feelings of forgetfulness, drowsiness and even confusion and many patients have experienced great relief from chelation treatments.

As well, plaque deposits in the bloodstream all over the body can be treated with chelation, which can improve overall circulation and lead to clearer thinking and a general ‘clearing of the cobwebs’ feeling we sometimes have.

3. Chelation Can Rid the Body of Heavy Metal Toxicity

It is a misunderstanding to assume that chelation therapy is only beneficial for people that have overt and obvious health conditions, such as heart disease or high blood pressure. All of us are exposed to various heavy metals every day and most of us have some level of toxicity in our blood stream.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, consumption of seafood, mercury in our old dental fillings and exposure to lead through old pipes or dishes can lead to our unwilling ingestion of harmful metals on a daily basis. Arsenic is present in some of our foods, such as rice and aluminum can also be present inside our body.

While a healthy body is very good at flushing out the bad stuff, sometimes we might need a ‘boost’ that could benefit our overall health and chelation might just be this solution.

4. Chelation Therapy Can Treat your Joint and Muscle Pain

There are a number of reasons why we might be experiencing pain in our joints and muscles. The natural process of aging and the breaking down of the joints and decrease in bone density can cause various aches and pains and some people experience arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia are two conditions that can affect people of all ages and are extremely painful and disruptive to quality of life. Because chelation therapy can be effective in reducing general inflammation in the body, many people with chronic inflammatory conditions feel relief with regular treatments.

5. Chelation Therapy Can Improve Your Skin Condition and Make You Look Younger

Skin naturally loses elasticity as we age and if we eat well in a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants we can reduce the speed at which this happens. Drinking a lot of water can also help us look good and keep our skin looking fresh and healthy.

But many of us experience chronic skin conditions or have a generally unhealthy pallor. Patients who have skin conditions such as psoriasis or other autoimmune disorders have claimed great success with chelation therapy because of its potential to improve the general health of the immune system.

Some therapists say that patients with a general yellowish or grey pallor can be found to have too much of one particular metal in their body, such as copper or iron and they can improve this through chelation treatments.

Written by Jenn Peters
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