3 Ways MGN-3 Triples Your Body’s Cancer-fighting Abilities

( - Chemotherapy can effectively eradicate cancer but also destroys the immune system, which we need to live a healthy life. A weakened immune system is one of the main causes of death among cancer patients.

Our immune system makes many kinds of white cells, three of which have the power to kill cancer cells. These are NK cells, T cells, and B cells. Strengthening these three is what MGN-3 is all about.

What is MGN-3?

According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, “MGN-3 is a complex sugar derived from rice bran treated with extracts from [shiitake and other] mushrooms….”

MGN-3 made by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Japan uses bioscience to create all-natural, body-friendly healing supplements.

Collaborating with Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum of Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, Daiwa uses a patented process to hydrolyze rice bran with the enzymatic extracts of shiitake, kawaratake and suehirotake medicinal mushrooms. The result is an arabinoxylane compound, which is clinically proven by seven published studies to triple NK cell strength and significantly enhance T and B cell activity.

Here are three ways MGN-3 helps treat cancer:

1. MGN-3 Triples the Strength of NK Cells

NK cells, aka Natural Killer cells, kill cancer cells like heat-seeking missiles. It’s estimated that in its lifetime, one NK cell can kill 27 cancer cells. But after taking MGN-3 as directed, that one NK cell can now kill 81 cancer cells. How? MGN-3 triples the strength of NK cells during their birth, making them even more potent against cancer cells.

2. MGN-3 Increases the Activity of T and B Cells

T and B cells work together to kill cancer cells. MGN-3 enhances T and B cells’ cancer-killing effectiveness.

B cells quarantine a cancer cell and T cells engulf them. This process takes a bit longer than NK cells’ melt-on-sight method. Taking MGN-3 stimulates the immune system, increasing the speed at which the T and B cells work.

3. MGN-3 Holistically Boosts Your Immune System Beyond Cancer Protection

A strong immune system is needed for health and wellness, without it we could get sick and even die. Taking MGN-3 fortifies immunity in many ways. The strengthening and enhancing of NK, T and B cells not only boosts their cancer-killing abilities, but also makes them better at neutralizing free radicals, which can cause aging and dangerous diseases. Thus, taking MGN-3 helps combat diseases and disorders arising from compromised and weakened immune system, like cancer.

MGN-3 works synergistically with other vitamins, minerals, and herbs for a holistic immunity boost with no negative side effects.

MGN-3’s immune system-boosting effects don’t stop after you stop taking it. Your immune system stays fortified for up to one month from your last dose.

As directed on the packaging, after two months of taking a few capsules per day, you can reduce your dose to one capsule a day.

Your immune system is the key to staying healthy and living longer. Its NK, T, and B cells are your body’s key natural defense against cancer cells and free radicals. Take MGN-3 to strengthen them and boost your overall immunity!

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